Soil Clause

About soil clause

Certain banks set a clause in mortgages, which for more than low Euribor, you always pay a minimum. Thus the mortgaged never could benefit from the fall in current interest rates, having to pay for cost every month. For example, a mortgage of 150,000 euros to 25 years Interest: Euribor + 0.60 and SOIL Clause 3.25% 169.66 euros would be paying more per month, or what is the same, 2,035 euros over a year.

About your defense

You can cancel your soil clause and benefit a lifetime of low interest rates, which in some mortgages means a drop of more than 300 euros per month. CajaMar entities such as BBVA are required by law to remove the soil clause, so that customers of these banks are already taking advantage of current very low interest.
If you can not identify if you have soil clause or not, you can send a copy of your mortgage deed and we will inform you in detail and without any obligation.

How we can help you with your soil clause?

– Study the legal viability of its clauses without obligation or cost

– We will assess the viability of any court action

– We will inform you in detail about our strategy

– All under the supervision of a team of lawyers specializing in Banking issues

100% effective

We have won 100% of claims for soil clause cases of our clients


They are not all nullable

Not all clauses are soil clauses are nullable so it is always necessary to do a previous study.



Our demands, argue with the law allowing besides being retroactive, has for costs for banks.