Mortgage Loan Reference Index Claim

About the MLRI

On day 1 November 2013 entered into force on called MLRI Entities, a new mortgage rate that replaced the previous MLRI-Boxes, MLRI-Banks and CECA type as benchmark by more than half a million subscribers mortgage loans throughout the Spanish State. Leaving banks control the type of index and differential with which it should calculate mortgage customers.

About your defense

Your organization should be applied as incident Euribor as differential the same as would have applied in the year he signed your mortgage, so if your bank does not agree and take action unilaterally, would be within their rights to sue also asking what you have I could overpay for the new situation.

– Study of the legal feasibility of its clauses without obligation or cost
– We will assess the viability of any court action
– We will inform you in detail about our strategy
– All under the supervision of a team of lawyers specializing in Banking issues