Sun Lawyers offers advice, common to all practice areas and sectors of the business world more general aspects of commercial law, including:

Commercial Contracts

-Contracts Commercial agency, distribution, franchise and supply.
-Licenses And outsourcing contracts.
-Contracts Labor, industry and turnkey.
-end Real and personal.
General Conditions of recruitment.
-Partnerships And Joint Venture.



Corporate Law

– Constitution Companies.
– Reformas Statutory.
– Secretaries Council.
– Strategy Corporate capital. Expansion and Reduction of Capital.
– Plans for viability and corporate restructurings.
– Obligations And responsibility of partners and administrators.
– Impugnación Social Agreements.
– Fusions and acquisitions. Sale of companies, firms and assets.

Bankruptcy Law

– Advice To bankruptcy proceedings.
– Prior -Negotiation with creditors.
– Proposals Anticipated convention.
– Intervention in all phases bankruptcy and incidents.