Claim of preference shares

About preferred shares

Complex financial products are not to be confused with the deposits. It is perpetual type investments, ie, with no fixed expiry date, and they have a very low liquidity. We could say that they are the missing link between the reservoir and actions. In addition, products are not guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD), so that if the bank fails, you could lose all your money.

About your defense

The courts are already resolving claims and granting those concerned who acquired preferred shares compensation. Convictions are often based on lack of information received by clients who were counseled incorrect and insufficient and possible deception of advertising leaflets in its IPO.

– Legal feasibility study of the current situation without obligation or cost
– We will assess the viability of any court action
– We will inform you in detail about our strategy
– All under the supervision of a team of lawyers specializing in Banking issues