Claiming money invested with or without bank guarantee


Sun Lawyers is a Spanish law firm with over 14 years experience and over 5.000 clients from all over the world, especially Scandinavian,  English, Russian and Asian clientel. As you could probably expect we are specialized in the home purchasing process, either the client is here in Spain or abroad. The most important thing for us at our law firm is that the client has to feel that he receives a safe and qualified service. Without feeling shut out or in the dark during this very important process.

We know that  needing help with legal services or finding solicitors abroad can be difficult and even more difficult finding someone who can speak your language, We are here to make everything much more simple and carefree while you enjoy beautiful Spain.

                          SIMPLE, SAFE AND QUALITY SERVICE


About the bank guarantees

Banks that lend money to developers for housing construction, have a legal obligation to issue guarantees for buyers who made payments on account of future housing. This requirement ensures investment by individuals in the case of the homes not to be built. Whether the bank or emitiese or endorsement they are responsible for it.

Your Defense

We can retrieve all the amounts paid in advance, EVEN IF NO GUARANTEE. Our legal team under the most strict law provides the legal tools necessary for buyers even as a cooperative, and claiming to be returned all amounts paid in advance for the purchase of a home.



These are the basic legal procedures needed to acquire a property in Spain and we provide all of them.

– Preparing and negotiating the private purchase contract for residential or commercial properties

– Carrying out the legal checks on the property you are acquiring

– Detailing you the costs and taxes involved in the transaction

– Paying on your behalf the costs and taxes involved in this transaction

– Assisting you at the Police when ordering the NIE number (depending on

the area, we could go on your behalf)

– Preparing the power of attorney in case you cannot visit the area

– Registering the property in the Land Registry Office

– Assisting you at the Notary when signing the title deeds

– Assisting you with the banks in order to finance your purchase

– Assisting you with the the change in ownership of all the bills, supplies and taxes concerning this property, and if you wish, we will arrange the direct debiting of those bills (direct payment made by your own bank in Spain).

– Any other assistance you may require.